8 Dec 2017

Menino Minado by Criolo

In a recent 4 star Guardian review of Criolo's latest album

The reviewer noted that: "The thoughtful and languid Menino Mimado is a complaint that “Spoilt boys should not rule the government”". He also, accurately, pointed out that English lyrics were not included in the packaging.

Well, it's true, we haven't got the English lyrics. But in partial compensation, here are the original lyrics and chord chart ... complete with alternative chords!


22 Mar 2017

Dawda Jobarteh - Transitional Times

Dawda's 2nd album, Transitional Times, was released last year to a warm critical reception. fROOTS comment of
"You will very few kora records where the possibilities of this wonderful instrument are explored more thoroughly than they are here; you will find none where the kora is better recorded",
being just one example. Some of the preparatory work and, indeed, some of the recording took place in a small cabin somewhere in the Danish countryside that had been loaned to Dawda for just that purpose, so that he could get away from the cares and distractions of city life and concentrate on the job in hand.

Filmed in October 2015, here's a phone video of what became the first track on the album, the very gentle and meditative "Winter Trees Stand Sleeping"


And here it is as it finally appeared on the finished album:-

Dawda Jobarteh - Transitional Times